Inertia® One-Shot Pedicle Screw System

Nexxt Spine expands its INERTIA® Pedicle Screw System with the introduction of the One-Shot™ Pedicle Screw and instrumentation. The introduction of these components provides the surgeon flexibility to choose from an open, mini-open or MIS procedure. The One-Shot Pedicle Screw is designed specifically for surgeons who wish to utilize a guided screw insertion technique without the use of Kirschner wires.

A unique single-step screw closure mechanism minimizes the chances of cross-threading and significantly reduces head splaying. The system also features a "Rod Capture Mechanism" for retention of the rod within the screw head, generous polyaxial screw angulation and a low profile design.


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Key Features

  • Innovative “Scout Tip” aids in screw navigation within pedicle boundaries
  • Screw tip design eliminates need for pedicle hole preparation (awl, probe, and tap)
  • Screw diameters available in 5.5, 6.5, 6.75, 7.0 and 7.5mm
  • Multiple diameters (6.75 & 7.0mm) within popular 6.5 - 7.5mm range provide greater options for revision procedures
  • 50° conical polyaxial head angulation facilitates easy rod placement with minimal rod contouring 
  • Unique tulip head design reduces run on rod 27% for better in-situ visualization 
  • Rod Capture Mechanism is designed to prevent rod migration upon initial insertion
  • Proprietary Locking Cap thread designed to reduce chance of cross threading and head splay
  • All implants are color coded for easy identification
  • Low profile system minimizes implant height above bony anatomy
  • Secure implant-instrument interface to maximize control and maneuverability
  • Simplified instrumentation and implant design reduce time and steps in the OR