Honour® tPLIF Spacer System

HONOUR® tPLIF (Transforaminal Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) spacers are manufactured from Solvay Zeniva® PEEK and can be implanted unilaterally or bilaterally through a PLIF approach, unilateral TLIF approach, or anywhere in between, for both open or less invasive procedures. HONOUR tPLIF implants are available in 2 popular footprints and provided with a complete offering of preparation and insertion instruments.


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Key Features

  • 9 x 22mm, 9 x 26mm footprints
  • 8mm - 14mm heights available in 1mm increments
  • Large graft window increases visibility and bone graft accommodation
  • Convex design maximizes endplate surface contact area
  • Ergonomic Bullet nose design for ease of insertion
  • Radiopaque Tantalum markers provide visualization for optimal intraoperative positioning
  • Aggressive teeth designed to decrease incidence of implant migration
  • Manufactured from Solvay Zeniva® PEEK, one of the most biostable materials with a modulus of elasticity similar to cortical bone