Honour® Orb Cervical Spacer System

Indicated as a cervical interbody spacer, HONOUR® ORB implants are manufactured from Solvay Zeniva® PEEK and are designed with large open graft windows for maximum bone graft surface area.  Half sizes within the popular 6.0 - 8.0mm height range provide greater intra-operative options to achieve optimal distraction. HONOUR ORB implants are available in 4 popular footprints, 3 angulations, and 8 heights and provided with a complete offering of preparation and insertion instruments.

The Struxxure DT Elite Guide system simplifies the ACDF procedure and bridges the gap between the Struxxure Anterior Cervical Plate and Honour Cervical Interbody systems by allowing surgeons to determine the appropriate Honour Cervical interbody dimensions (w x d x h) and prepare screw pilot holes for the Struxxure anterior cervical plate simultaneously.


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Key Features

  • 12 x 12mm, 12 x 14mm, 14 x 16mm, and 16 x 18mm footprints
  • Angled (6° and 10°) configuration for restoration of cervical lordosis
  • 5mm - 10mm heights available in 1mm increments
  • Additional 6.5mm and 7.5mm heights to achieve optimal distraction
  • Large graft window increases visibility and bone graft accommodation
  • Chamfered leading edge for ease of insertion
  • Color coded instruments and sterilization tray layout simplify surgical procedure
  • Radiopaque Tantalum markers provide visualization for optimal intraoperative positioning
  • Aggressive teeth designed to decrease incidence of implant migration
  • Manufactured from Solvay Zeniva® PEEK, one of the most biostable materials with a modulus of elasticity similar to cortical bone
Honour® Orb Cervical Spacer System

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