Honour® Allo-P Allograft System

Designed by Nexxt Spine® and processed by Lattice Biologics®, the Allo-P Allograft System combines quality machined Allograft bearing the Honour® Biologics label with precision instrumentation.  Allo-P is available with a complete offering of preparation and insertion instruments.


Key Features

  • 9 x 23 footprint
  • Height range: 7mm-15mm in 2mm increments to provide optimal distraction
  • Tapered leading edge to facilitate easy insertion
  • Allo-P instrumentation for disc space preparation and Allograft placement
  • Footprint specific trials for optimal Allograft sizing
  • Precision machined to strict tolerances for a consistent graft shape
  • Anti-migration serrations ensure secure Allograft placement
  • Precisely machined Inserter interface feature provides a secure implant/instrument connection
  • Designed and tested to withstand compressive loads and impact forces while minimizing breakage