Honour® Allo-C Allograft System

Designed by Nexxt Spine®, the Allo-C Allograft System combines quality machined Allograft bearing the Honour® Biologics label with precision instrumentation.  In addition to both cortical ring and cortical cancellous Allograft options in a full range of heights, Allo-C is available with a complete offering of preparation and insertion instruments. 


Key Features

  • 14 x 11mm footprint
  • Angled (6°) configuration for restoration of cervical lordosis
  • 5mm - 9mm heights available in 1mm increments*
  • Tapered leading edge to facilitate easy insertion through distraction
  • Allograft Inserter securely grips implant for controlled insertion
  • Allograft is packaged in a hydrated state within a double peel pouch & do not require rehydration
  • Stringent quality standards that meet all FDA donor screening and testing requirements

*Measured from anterior wall

Honour® Allo-C Allograft System

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