Struxxure® Anterior Cervical Plate System

The Struxxure® Anterior Cervical Plate System design is based upon an emerging trend in the peer reviewed literature identifying a significant decrease in moderate to severe ALO when the plate to disc distance is greater than 5mm from the adjacent level.1-5

Struxxure’s generous 27° screw angulation in the cephalad/caudal direction allow variable screws to be started at the anterior end plate corners and angled away from the end plates to accommodate the shortest possible plate and maximize the distance to the adjacent disc levels.

Struxxure is the only system combining a 1.95mm ultra-low profile plate with variable or fixed “EZ-Start” Self-Drilling Screws that can be hyper-angulated in the cephalad/caudal direction to allow for a reduction in overall plate length.

One-level plate lengths begin at 9.5mm hole-to-hole, while offering variable screw angulation up to 27°. The result is an anterior cervical plate construct of minimal length and thickness.

The Struxxure DT Elite Guide system simplifies the ACDF procedure and bridges the gap between the Struxxure Anterior Cervical Plate and Honour Cervical Interbody systems by allowing surgeons to determine the appropriate Honour Cervical interbody dimensions (w x d x h) and prepare screw pilot holes for the Struxxure anterior cervical plate simultaneously.


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Key Features


  • 27° variable screw angulation cephalad/caudal (54° cone) allow screws to be started at the anterior end plate corners to accommodate shortest possible plate length
  • 1.95mm Ultra-thin plate assists in reduction of dysphagia6   
  • 1 level plates start at 17mm overall length (9.5mm hole to hole)
  • 1 - 5 Level plates available in multiple lengths
  • One Step Integrated Locking Mechanism provides visual and tactile confirmation of
    screw blockage
  • End plate alignment feature simplifies plate sizing
  • Anti-skid undersurface resists plate migration during screw insertion
  • Large window enables visualization of graft site and end plates
  • Pre-contoured plates help simplify surgical procedure

Bone Screws

  • Proprietary “E-Z Start” self-drilling screw eliminates need for pilot hole
  • “Blunt tip”, Self-Tapping Screws available upon request
  • All screws available in 4.0 & 4.35mm diameters and 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 mm lengths
  • All screws available in 1mm lengths available upon request
  • Create Fixed, Variable or Hybrid Constructs
  • Elongated "stab and grab" hexalobe interface assures rigid screw/driver connection, reduces stripping, and may simplify revision
  • Fixed screws lock into plate at any desired trajectory within 40° cone of angulation


  • Fully customizable instrument options to support streamlined procedural efficiency and positive clinical outcomes



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The aforementioned published papers and poster did not utilize the Struxxure®System and findings are not necessarily indicative of results with the StruxxureSystem.

Struxxure® Anterior Cervical Plate System

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