Inertia MIS Pedicle Screw System

The INERTIA® MIS Pedicle Screw System represents the latest evolution in minimally invasive spine surgery. Building upon the groundbreaking designs and intuitive techniques established by its predecessors, the INERTIA MIS System empowers Spine Surgeons with the simplicity and efficiency which has previously eluded minimally invasive pedicle screw fixation. 


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Key Features

  • Cannulated Screw diameters available in 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.0, & 7.5
  • Screw lengths 20 - 80mm in 5mm increments 
  • Double helical screw thread design advances screw two full threads for each full rotation of the screwdriver, effectively reducing insertion time and effort by half
  • Unique tulip head design reduces run on rod 27% for better in-situ visualization
  • Pre-Lordosed 5.5mm rods
  • Rod Capture Mechanism is designed to prevent rod migration upon initial insertion
  • Proprietary Locking Cap thread designed to reduce chance of cross threading and head splay
  • All implants are color coded for easy identification
  • Secure implant-instrument interface to maximize control and maneuverability
  • Simplified instrumentation reduces time and steps in the OR
  • Single-Step Controlled Rod Reduction
  • Secure Percutaneous Tower Engagement
  • Reliable Compression/Distraction Capabilities
  • Multiple Rod Inserter Options
  • Polyaxial Screw Rod Retention


Inertia MIS Pedicle Screw System

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