Inertia Deformity Correxxion System

INERTIA® Deformity Correxxion System


The INERTIA® Deformity Correxxion System, an extension to the Inertia Pedicle Screw System, was designed to address a greater range of complex spinal pathologies from T1 to the Pelvis.  Inertia Deformity Correxxion System provides the addition of Colbolt Chrome Rods, Uniplanar and Reduction Screws, Offset Connectors, adjustable CrossLynxx connectors, Rod to Rod connectors (Wedding Band, Domino, and Inline), Monoaxial screws, and Hooks coupled with innovations in instrumentation are provided to address an entire range of spinal pathologies. 

 Download Inertia Deformity Correxxion System Instructions for Use



Key Features

  • Multi-Axial Control (MAC) Pedicle Screws provides control for multi-segmental alignment to simplify rod insertion and provide up to 48° head angulation
  • Uniplanar Screws have restricted movement in the medial/lateral direction, with polyaxial movement cephalad/caudal
  • CORTI-FIXX Screws are dual to quad lead thread design for cortical cancellous interface
  • Turbo Correxxion Towers provide simultaneous translational correction of the spine and sequential reduction of the rods at each vertebral level lessening the chance of screw pull-out and loss of fixation. A benefit of this approach is less stress is applied to the instrumentation and bone, as rod reduction is gradual and controlled. In addition, lateral and rotational components of deformity correction can be readily addressed
  • Rod to Rod Connectors available in Domino, Inline, and Wedding Band Connectors can accept 5.5-6.35mm rod diameters
  • Rods are lined, 5.5 mm, cobalt chrome and titanium alloy, and are available up to 600mm in length
  • Offset Connectors accommodate medial/lateral rod position variability. Available lengths from 25-60mm to work in conjunction with iliac bolts which are available in multiple diameter options up to 120mm length
  • Additional instruments include flexible rod template, Coronal Benders, Hex Wrench, and Pistol Grip Rod Reducer