Facet Fixx® - TF TransFacet Screw System

Facet Fixx® is a cannulated screw system featuring an intuitive design; allowing fast, reliable, and reproducible access during percutaneous implantation over a guide wire with minimal exposure and dissection. The system features superior implant control, excellent tactile response during screw implantation, a Compression Washer with serrations to "grip" the facet structure, and a full-thread or lag screw options for transfacet applications. 

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Key Features

  • 4.5 and 5.0mm diameters
  • Screw lengths 25 - 50mm in 5mm increments
  • Additional 27.5mm and 32.5mm lengths provided
  • Double helical, self-tapping screw thread design advances screw two full threads for each full rotation of the screwdriver, effectively reducing insertion time and effort by half
  • Cannulated for percutaneous (MIS) implantation over a guide wire with minimal exposure and dissection
  • Low profile system minimizes implant height above bony anatomy
  • Partial (Lag) and Full Thread options available
  • Tapered inner diameter on screw tip assures immediate thread engagement for precise screw placement
  • Compression Washer provides up to 28° of angulation to accommodate various patient anatomies
  • Washer undersurface designed to prevent washer rotation without compromising integrity of cortical surface
  • Staked Compression Washer component eliminates need to assemble washer prior to screw implantation and decreases "fiddle factor" during insertion
  • Secure implant/screwdriver interface to maximize control and maneuverability
  • Surgeon designed instrumentation contributes to streamlined procedural efficiency
  • All implants are color coded for easy identification