Nexxt Spine Manufacturing Process

All spinal implants and 95% of surgical instruments are manufactured with precision and pride in our state of the art facility in Noblesville, Indiana.

We are one of the first medical device manufacturers to focus on spinal fusion implants and instruments produced with 3-D printing technology. Capitalizing on over 20 years of contract manufacturing experience for well recognized industry leaders including Medtronic and DePuy,
President and Founder, Andy Elsbury, has positioned Nexxt Spine as an exemplary model
of new product development efficiencies combined with a “no backorder” culture. 

Our on-site manufacturing capabilities allow us to accelerate new product development from concept to commercialization in a fraction of the time by eliminating dependence on outside vendors. Prototypes leading to final implant and surgical instrument design are accomplished in a matter of days compared to the industry standard of weeks to months.