About Nexxt Spine

Nexxt Spine aspires to maintain the highest standards for regulatory compliance,
legal practices, and personal integrity. We aim to follow our 4 core principals;
to make it better, take it personally, work with collaboration, and to act with speed and urgency.

Make It Better

We promote the spirit and need for excellence in all we do and within every facet of the organization, from surgeon interactions and product development, to customer service and manufacturing, to sales and distribution. Everyone participates in making things better. We offer solutions rather than simply identifying problems. Which is why we work directly with surgeons to identify problems and create new and innovated ideas to make surgery more efficient and improve patient outcomes.

Take It Personally

We take all that we do personally, both in our victories and our short falls.
We analyze outcomes both good and bad, so if there ever is any difficulty, corrective actions can be instituted moving forward so we can keep getting better and keep making innovations that positively affect the lives of patients. We believe that we can always make it better.

Working with Collaboration

We gather inputs from others to optimize the task; and be helpful to others. From surgeons, to nurses, to patients, we end conversations with “what can we do to help?”. We choose positivity over all other alternatives throughout the day.

Act with Speed and Urgency

We strive to be agile enough to move forward faster than our competition to capitalize on opportunities. We don’t confuse activity with accomplishment and to preserve our entrepreneurial/small company mentality, we endeavor to do things right the first time, and avoid delays.

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